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Ride and shine mobile detailing

My name is Victor Saldivar, I'm the owner of Ride and Shine Mobile Detailing based out of Dallas, TX. I opened this business after going through a difficult time in my life. Back in 2019 I had torn my left ACL and couldnt do any walking or really much of anything for 3 months. With money running low, and my mental health in a poor state with nothing but time on my hands, i decided "why not put this free time i have and make something out of it". After thinking over and over asking my self what did I enjoy doing before my injury? and that was cleaning my own vehicle, and so just like that i decided to start a mobile detailing service.Countless hours of training, and practice to perfect this craft has been shown by our performance, with every vehicle we detail, every service we complete, every satisfied customer we have, it only fuels my motivation to continue to be the best and grow. Being recognized as a top detailing business in Dallas tx is an honor, detailing is not only what I love to do, but it's my passion and were only getting started! 

Voyage Dallas was so kind to do an article about my self and where i started, here is the link to check it out.


Team member, Carlos Bravo

Carlos Bravo has been with Ride and shine since late 2021 and is a great team member, he has perfected the art of paint correction and all auto detailing skills necessary, extrememly coachable and has excellent customer service skills, a BMW expert and car enthusiast, Carlos has shown his love for excellance with his work ethic , and is someone we cherish and value very much so.

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