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Ceramic Coating

Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

When it comes to car detailing, ceramic coatings offers your car’s exterior additional protection and helps your vehicle look like new with minimal maintenance. As a car detailing service provider, Ride and Shine Mobile Detailing LLC offers three levels of ceramic coating to choose from, and they all protect your vehicle's paint from environmental damage.


Feynlab cermic coatings protects your vehicle's paint/clearcoat from UV rays, coastal weather, and environmental pollutants. This high-quality ceramic coating also repels tree sap, water, ice, and snow. The best part? This ceramic coating makes your car satisfying to clean with a shine and gloss that looks showroom fresh.

Feynlab Ceramic coatings will even show up on your Carfax report, Feynlab lasts for years to come. We offer our 1,3, and 5 year coating a 9H hardness deep gloss and easy maintenance make it a popular choice for ceramic coating.

Ride and Shine Detailing are certified professionals serving the greater Dallas Metroplex. We specialize in car detailing, ceramic coatings and paint correction. Even better? We come to you.

If you are in need of a car detailing service provider, make sure to contact Ride and Shine Mobile Detailing LLC. Book your service appointment today.

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